Chunker Blows A Load In Early Access

An Steam Early Access title out this week, Chunker: a 2D bird's-eye view rogue-lite!

Coming to Steam Early Access this week, Chunker: a 2D bird’ s-eye view action title.

If it can fit through the door…

Playing as the loveable ‘mutative living lump’ named Chunker, we explore the underworld following the destruction of the environment and ‘countless cruel experiments conducted by the humans’.

Chunker - Octopus
Eight arms(?) to hold you. Source: Steam

As a hack n’ slash variant, the appeal of the game will be the instant gratification of being able to pick it up and get started, in what Shiftrick define as ‘instant fun’.

Here is a pretty hefty list of features:

  • Endlessly pouring Hack and Slash Combat!
  • Thrilling shooter action game with the view of a bird
  • Infinite Skill Enhancement!
  • The mind-blowing combination of randomly attained skills and Passive skills
  • New Round, New Experience!
  • Marvelous change in the condition from the merging of ‘Roguelike’,
  • Grow Stronger!
  • Unlock new items and skills from the collected money every round!

The upcoming Early Access boasts 8 stages and 80 weapon types(!), plus a body modification system and 4 pets. I’m just leaving those there to hang…

Watch some of the gameplay below:

Early Access for Chunker later this week on the 17th July, but it’s also available via Green Man Gaming and