Chronicle Of Innsmouth Mountains Of Madness Out At The End Of The Month

Lovecraft fans rejoice in chapter two: Chronicle Of Innsmouth Mountains Of Madness coming to Steam this month.

Chronicle Of Innsmouth Mountains Of Madness immediately has two ingredients that make this mouthwatering (if you have a similar palette): graphic adventure and Lovecraft.

As detective Lone Carter, you return to mortality after a battle with the Shoggoth. The after-effects leave them with visions and nightmare they’re unable to shake off, but there’s a mystery to solve, and you’re the person to do it.

The second entry in the Chronicle Of Innsmouth’s series, from PsychoDev, the story in Chronicle Of Innsmouth Mountains Of Madness takes place ten years before the first chapter and inspired by classic 90s LucasArts titles and, naturally, Lovecraft.

Chronicle Of Innsmouth Mountains Of Madness - Grave times
Grave times. Source: Steam

While Lone Carter is the main protagonist, players will play as many other characters from the Lovecraft universe, including the author. 

Key features include:

  • A mature, horrifying story, combining the thrilling mystery of a detective story with a cosmic horror setting.
  • Inspired by The Mountains of Madness, but with many original elements to surprise you at every corner.
  • Test your wits and deduction skills with clever puzzles, logical but challenging.
  • Interact with many characters, both original and taken from Lovecraft’s works. Play as detective Lone Carter, but also as iconic Lovecraft characters as Abdul Alhazred – and even H.P. Lovecraft himself!
  • Retro art style, inspired by the early 90s Lucasarts classics.
  • A brilliant unsettling original soundtrack, full of tension and mystery, to underline the disturbing events of this story.

Chronicle Of Innsmouth Mountains Of Madness will be out in late March. Further details on the respective Steam page.