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Chop Shop Simulator Coming To Steam, And You Don’t Stop

Driving a car is easy, how about pinching one, stripping it down and making a profit? Chop Shop Simulator…

Chop Shop Simulator heading to Steam
Source: Steam

Running a chop shop in a videogame isn’t a crime and doesn’t mean you’re gonna go nick cars, right? It didn’t happen for GTA, so why not embrace upcoming Chop Shop Simulator.

Yes, the process is illegal, but so is murder and the cops haven’t knocked on your door over Assassin’s Creed: ValhallaCartel Tycoon or any of the Mafia games. 

In Chop Shop Simulator, you run a business of stolen cars, stripping them down and selling on the open market. In time, this will raise your reputation among the most ‘dangerous urban gangs’: boy racers. Sorry, I added that bit.

Chop Shop Simulator - The plan
The plan… Source: Steam

Publisher T-Bull’s new title isn’t just about managing stock, as the game begins with you locating a car to break into and return to your garage without getting noticed. From here, you’ll be able to use the parts or ‘legalise it’.

Key features in Chop Shop Simulator include:

  • Be the head of the operation, thanks to an extensive car theft system
  • A large city with different locations
  • Realistic and extensive disassembly system for parts of every stolen car
  • Sophisticated mechanics of car parts’ legalization
  • The illegal atmosphere of the game
  • Vast internet marketplace
  • Reputation system

The trailer gives the impression that it’s pretty thorough with corkboards and linked pieces of string with a plan of action, when I thought most thieves chance it. It’ll be interesting if it’s that realistic and has all the coins and crumbs tucked down the seats that kids often leave behind…

Automotive simulators are a category that we have had in our DNA since the beginning of the Company’s activity. We hope that PC gamers will appreciate our commitment to this type of production as much as they did in the mobile market.

Damian Fijałkowski, Co-Founder and President of the Board of T-Bull S.A.

Hhmmm… sounds very interesting. Here’s a trailer:

You can wishlist Chop Shop Simulator now on Steam. Save yourself the search and click the link to the page.

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