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Chinatown Detective Agency Day One Out Now And It’s Free

Ever wanted to be a PI? You can in the Chinatown Detective Agency Day One prologue, available to download for free on Steam.

An insight on what to expect in the full release, you play PI Amira Darma as she starts up a detective agency, using real-world research to crack cases. You’ll be able to take on three exclusive clients in this prologue, one of them hinting on corporate espionage.

Based in Lion City, Singapore, you’ll travel the globe in this cyberpunk noir, not just controlling Amira, but also her team. Set in the future, naturally, the global economy is in a decade-long collapse and Singapore is the last refuge of order.

Chinatown Detective Agency Day One - Neko
Neko. Source: PR

In Lion City, through the cases on the agency’s books, you’ll help restore some order to the city with your crack team such as Rupert The Fixer, Tiger The Kingmaker and Keeran The Reformer.

Below is a link to the Chinatown Detective Agency Day One trailer – fully voiced, so if this applies to the full release… well, bonzer.

Hop on over to Steam for the Chinatown Detective Agency Day One demo from General Interactive Co. The full game will be coming to the PC, Mac and the Nintendo Switch in 2021.

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