Children Of The Sun: A Bullet-Bending Road Trip Of Revenge

Take out THE CULT using UPPERCASE LETTERS in Children of the Sun, featuring THE GIRL, bullet-bending, AND other STEALTHY shenanigans.

That’s a title and a half, but those words about Children of the Sun aren’t mine—I’ve only just found out about the Devolver Digital game, which launched last week and has an accolades trailer already. It looks decent, so let’s take a look.

Developed by René RotherChildren of the Sun is a telekinetic puzzle shooter. How many of those have you played or even heard of? As THE GIRL (part of the gaming UPPERCASE trend), you set out to destroy THE CULT that ruined your life using just a single bullet.

Going with Mark Millar’s Wanted, THE GIRL can re-aim said bullet on impact, curve it around obstacles, smash it through armour, and ‘perform other acts of gravity defying ballistic trickery’. Combining stealth, sniping, and puzzle-solving, the game offers plenty of replay value through leaderboards and a scoring system. THE CULT won’t know what hit them again and again.

Children of the Sun is available now on Steam. Linky-dinky below.