Silence Is Golden, Especially When Children Of Silentown Is On Sale

Had it on your wishlist but money too tight, or a little on the fence? Children of Silentown has 50% off on Steam right now, go count your pennies.

That’s a hefty title, but ’tis true – Children of Silentown, published by Daedalic Entertainment, is on sale right now, and most importantly, there’s a 50% discount on Steam. Crazy, right?

Children of Silentown is a point and click-type adventure where you take on the role of Lucy. She’s troubled by vivid nightmares that draw her near the local forest, but that’s always been a no-go area. That is until tragedy strikes, and she prepares to break some boundaries.


Besides Steam, you can pick up the game on PS4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S and the Nintendo Switch. However… with a 50% discount until the 13th of September? Seriously, check this out. 

Undecided? Read the review. Plug complete.