Chicken Police Go Straight With A Retail Release

The Chicken Police are back for more - no, too early for a sequel, but you'll soon be able to pick up a retail version!

Chicken Police. Featuring the best poultry protagonists since Sanders killed off the original KFC mascot (look it up – no, don’t. I made it up): Chicken Police is getting a retail version.

‘Retail version’ sounds ominous. My version of the game was sourced through the press’ black magic circuit, via The Wild Gentlemen, but it’s definitely legit. Could this announcement mean a physical edition? Regardless, the film noir point and click (ish) crime caper comes to PC, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch

Chicken Police - Poultry Power
Poultry power. Source: Steam

Featuring organic chickens:

  • A thrilling, rich storyline
  • A cinematic film-noir like experience
  • A complex interrogation system
  • Lots of optional content and background lore
  • Lots of clues and collectibles
  • More than 30 unique characters

If you’re unfamiliar with Chicken Police, do me a favour and read the review – it was amongst the GOTY 2020 list and firmly stand by that – it’s superb. What’s it about? You mean you haven’t read the review?… There’s been a murder, and you need to get the boys back together and paint it red. That’s all you’re getting. Shame on you for not knowing or reading the review.

Here’s another trailer if you like the picture box:

Chicken Police will be out in Europe on the 15th June 2021 and exclusively via Gamestop in the US from the 29th June 2021. Same year. Coincidence?

  • SRP for the Nintendo Switch is EUR/USD 19.99
  • SRP for the PS4 and PC is EUR/USD 29.99