Broke? Check In To The Repair House This July

Fix, restore, reassemble, customise, and sell a wealth of items in The Repair House, a first-person sim coming to Steam.

One of the best things about simulators is how therapeutic they can be – especially from the titles focused on restoration. Cashing in on that niche is Claudiu Kiss (the original creator of the excellent PC Building Simulator), Quantum Logic Games, and Fireshine Games (Gord, Little Friends – Puppy Island, Killer Frequency), with their upcoming game, The Repair House.

You guessed it: you repair stuff in this first-person sim. You’ll ‘dismantle, clean, fix, customise and sell everything from musical instruments, toys, games consoles, arcade cabinets’, restoring and reassembling with finesse.

Key features in The Repair House include:

  • Run your own repair house in a relaxing repair and restoration game from the original creator of PC Building Simulator.
  • Discover a range of unique items to repair, customise and restore, including musical instruments, arcade cabinets, antiques, toys and more.
  • Visit auction houses, barns and flea markets, and bid on storage units to discover profitable items to restore.
  • Customise your workspace and advance your level to become the ultimate repair house.

Have a look-see at the trailer and see if it meets your expectations…

The Repair House is coming to PC, via Steam, on the 19th of July, 2023. Wishlist it now.