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Chapeau coming to the Switch


Chapeau Coming To Nintendo Switch This Year

Hats off to Chapeau, and other cliches.

Have you played Super Mario Odyssey yet? Of course, you have. While we’ve all played a Mario game in some form or another, we haven’t really had enough time to play Cappy, so anyone into their hats will be thrilled to hear there’s a dedicated hat party game coming to the Switch this year: Chapeau.

As easy as it is to connect with strangers online for a random co-op game, nothing beats playing a title as a local player where you can shout or laugh at one another in the same room. Thankfully Chapeau is exactly that, and being touted as a couch co-op. Is there any other kind?

Developed by Salt Castle Studio, Chapeau was originally announced as a PC title, but it’s fitting that it will make its way to the Nintendo Switch as it’s arguably the best party platform. While the Switch doesn’t have the strongest online options, you can still join other players online or as a local game.

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Chapeau - Split-screen
Hat’s amazing – 4 player split-screen! Source: PR

As well as a challenge mode that enables you to unlock new hats and maps, you can play alongside other players either as a split-screen or as mentioned, online. Here are just some of the features we can expect of the game:

  • Play on the couch with up to 4 players in local split screen
  • Play in Versus to take down friends, or Co-op to team up and hat together! 
  • Find the perfect fit with different hats to match both your style and your playstyle
  • Use items like jetpacks, dogs or even comets to sabotage your opponents and stay a step ahead in the ever-changing dynamic play fields
  • Compete in the modes The Floor is Lava, Color Craze, and Where is Whilhelm 
  • Test your skills in Challenge Mode to unlock a host of new hats & maps! 
  • Unlock and collect all the funny hats and skins
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Chapeau is currently a work in progress so no release date has been set just yet, but once it’s known, we’ll see about reporting more about it – perhaps even a cheeky review.

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