Chaos Code Out Now On The Switch

Fancy a fight in a 2D scenario on the Switch? Consider Chaos Code New Sign of Catastrophe - out now and it packs a punch. Clever, huh? (Don't reply).

There’s nothing better than being able to play 2D fighters on the Switch. Well, there are in fact plenty of things better than that, but for the purpose of some beat ’em up news, Chaos Code New Sign of Catastrophe is out now.

This is a bit of a silly news piece as rather than speculate on whether the game is any good, I bought Chaos Code New Sign of Catastrophe and have been playing quite solidly for a while now. My thoughts? It’s pretty darn good. Check out the trailer here.

What’s it about? Fighting. There’s a story, but it’s pretty weak. Sometime in the future (as it can’t be now, right?), the Earth depends on an energy source called Chaotics. The creator of Chaotics has gone missing, and the United Earth government send out word to find this chap, the imaginatively titled, Dr Tesla and decode a message he’s left behind: Chaos Code.

Chaos Code New Sign of Catastrophe - Selection
99 problems but character choice ain’t one. Source: PR

Queue a series of punch ups, as that’s what detective work entails, and you have yourself a tournament. As can be expected from this sort of game (the title says it all), there’s a roster of fighters that range from Ryu to Zangief types, with the ever speedy females characters with their bouncing boobs and peace signs at any given moment.

Coming from a decent pedigree, Chaos Code New Sign of Catastrophe is by Arc System Works who are behind such great 2D fighters such as Guilty GearBlazBlue and Melty Blood, and the quality of the game is no exception – it’s ace.

What do I get for my money?

  • 16 unique characters, each with their own special moves and fighting style.
  • A variety of modes that include Arcade Mode, Versus Mode and Mission Mode; where each character has their own task to carry out.
  • Customisable characters; change their skin and choose two special moves to use in the game.
  • Fighter moves are shown on the screen at all times, so no need to pause to look at the command list.

Expect a review at some stage, but in the meantime, I recorded an example of the gameplay using one character on the default setting. Don’t anticipate anything special – this was my first button-bashing attempt.

Opening gameplay, and how not to be a pro

Chaos Code New Sign of Catastrophe is out now on Switch.