Cartel Tycoon: Expand Your Residential Home And More In The Prosperity Update

The Prosperity update comes to Cartel Tycoon, just one of the major updates in an exciting road map for this Early Access title.

Take your life of organised crime that one step further in the new Prosperity update for Cartel Tycoon – the most fun you can have emulating El Chappo without doing bird.

In this latest update from Moon Moose and tinyBuild, wannabe legends gain access to four new types of residences, each with unique mechanics. Perhaps detachable wall panels to stash the cash?

Cartel Tycoon - Prosperity update
Prosperity update. Source: PR

A new global progression mode offers special challenges in the story mode with bosses, residencies, regions and emblems as a reward. There’s also a survival mode now, finally unlocked from the menu.

Finally, custom settings for the sandbox mode for those who want to tailor their experience with as little or as much drama as feasibly possible. Upcoming developments will be the multiplayer mode, aimed for Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, and advanced enemy AI in an October update.

Here’s the latest Devlog:

Cartel Tycoon is available now on Steam in Early Access. You can read the write up here.