Carrion Horror – Not A Parody, But Some Scary Evolution

CARRION is a new reverse horror title coming this year from Devolver Digital for PC and consoles.

It’s Monday, and if this article isn’t Cyberpunk, then it must be horror. This week it’s Carrion, coming to PC and consoles.

From developers Phobia Game Studios and über publisher Devolver DigitalCarrion is a horror title where you play ‘an amorphous creature of unknown origin’. You grow in power as you consume those trapped in the prison-like facility, fearful of what you will become.

As you stalk your prey, you evolve and learn new abilities, causing more mayhem along the way. Carrion will be out later this year, so no doubt more info will be released soon.

Clarrion - Heart
This game has heart. Source: PR

A lot of attention is duly directed at the score as it’s composed by Cris Velasco who’s worked on Resident Evil 7: BiohazardDarksiders, and the almighty Bloodborne.

The score is the monster’s inner dialogue. It should fill you with dread, helplessness, and the feeling that an unknowable malevolent entity could take you at any moment.

Cris Velasco

Wanna see somethin’ scary? I don’t have a pic of me in my Speedos, so here’s the trailer:

Carrion is out on the 23rd July for the PC, Xbox One and the Switch.