Captain Bones Preview: Crafty Pirates

Not a cliche skellywag of a pirate in the mould of LeChuck, Captain Bones in an open-world pirate title coming to Steam with a focus of crafting and survival.
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Yo ho ho, a bottle of rum and a dirty bum, Captain Bones gets the Steam Next Fest treatment. An open-world pirate adventure that isn’t solely set on the seas (at least, in this demo), there’s a bit of exploring, crafting and surviving going on here.

After being shipwrecked, your pirate hits land and has to set up camp and survive with the help of a mysterious native. Hack down trees, craft tools and weapons – this is one of those games with plenty on offer for those who wish to evade civilisation and be independent.

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Well, Captain Bones isn’t actually real, but it’s a nice bit of escapism. From solo developer Saygın Karahan, this game has the aesthetic of Playmobil and Roblox if they made sweet, sweet love after a couple of bottles of prosecco. Or rum.

Captain Bones Preview

It’s an inoffensive game, other than the blistering heat, hunger pains and thirst that you’ll have to experience, but thankfully the island has an abundance of resources. You just have to source them manually.

Captain Bones Preview - Grog
Grog. Source: Steam

Giving you a list each time you speak to her, this native tells you what you need to survive if you plan on staying on planet Earth. Though the island isn’t huge, it’s big enough to wander around aimlessly, looking for the items in your objective list as I did. There are visual pointers, but they aren’t always apparent.

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At the time of writing, I didn’t finish the Captain Bones demo, so not sure if I was at the end or only scratched the surface. I didn’t experience sailing, which is shown in many of the screenshots and the description. That said, it was an interesting premise, and miles better than last month’s PS4 freebie, Stranded Deep. I wasn’t a fan.

In the meantime, here’s a teaser of gameplay. Nothing special, but that’s on my part due to the sheer volume of games to cover during the Steam Next Fest. 

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