Character-Driven Strategy Cantata Coming To Early Access

Upcoming Early Access title Cantata has a lot to offer for strategy fans. Choose from one of three factions and help shape the planet.

How much descriptive text can I get into this first paragraph for Cantata? It’s a turn-based isometric pixel art character-driven sci-fi strategy game heading to Early Access in May. Does that give you an idea of what kind of game it is?

It doesn’t matter. Here are some more words. 

From Afterschool Studio and Modern Wolf (MechaJammer), one sub-genre was missing from that intro: survival. Your job is to pick from nine commanding officers within three rival factions. They’re made up of Machines, Humans or Aliens, and they each have their unique powers and abilities.

With Cantata being in Early Access, the developers hope that the community will be able to provide the feedback necessary to make it the game it’s destined to be. 

With Early Access, we’re hoping to refine the fundamentals of Cantata to make it the best it can be, while also improving on our sandbox mode with the community in order to make it a compelling strategic toybox.

Kyle Kukshtel, Founder and Creative Director at Afterschool Studio

Here’s an early teaser:

Cantata is set for release in Early Access on the 12th of May, so wishlist it now so you can stay in the loop. Also, there’s a playable demo available right now. Yes, NOW!