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Cannon Brawl on the Switch
Source: PR


Take An Explosive Artillery Dive In Cannon Brawl On The Switch

Fans of worms (the game, not the bum kind) will love Cannon Brawl. I think. I like the idea, and I’m a worms fan. The game, not the bum kind. Coming to Switch this month.

I’m a bit cautious about any news articles today, what with it being the 1st of April and all. That said, I’m pretty confident that Cannon Brawl is a legit game coming to the Nintendo Switch this month.

From Temple Gate Games and BlitworksCannon Brawl is an artillery game. Before you think that consists of boardgame fanboys with dubious moustaches and smelling of snuff, it’s more in the mould of the classic game Worms.

Cannon Brawl - Abandon ship
Abandon ship. Source: PR

That’s the vibe you get from the screenshots, and it’s not a bad idea. Why don’t we have more of these games? Anywhere, let’s leave that to the mass debaters and talk about the game.

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An RTS at heart, you begin with a team of three where you face against other players piloting airships, protecting gold mines and causing mayhem with anything from cannons to lasers. There’s a focus on airships too, as you can unlock ten. Not nine, ten. Airships.

  • Action Strategy like you’ve never seen – Unique blend of 2D artillery and real time strategy gameplay results in intense tactical battles.
  • Battle Near and Far – Competitive 1v1 online multiplayer with ranked matching, invite a friend for a private battle, or plugin in a controller and get your buddies together for a home tournament
  • Strategic Options – Choose from 15+ weapons and defenses and combo them with 5+ different airship pilots for hundreds of strategic options
  • Dynamic Battlefields – Destroy the terrain with cannons, lasers and more
  • Epic Adventure – Battle across our full campaign mode with big boss fights spanning 20 missions, charting new territory across 5 unique environments
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For the campaign mode, there are 20 odd missions, but there’s the option to play locally or 1-on-1 online in multiplayer. Now would be a good time to link a trailer for Cannon Brawl.

Coming to the Switch on the 14th of April (unless this is an April Fool’s joke), Cannon Brawl is also available on Xbox One and PS4.

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