Cannibal Cuisine Switch Review

Appease the Hoochooboo and read this Cannibal Cuisine Switch Review. Couch play with a meaty aroma.

I had every intention for this Cannibal Cuisine Switch review to go up much sooner than today, but the woes of web hosting and time travel have made this a saga.

Still, it’s here now, so world peace ensues and we can all have lemonade and cake. Or a nibble on a tourist.

Without further ado, and all that showmanship…

Cannibal Cuisine Switch Review

By now, you know what Overcooked is, if not, go away and do your homework, or experience a more modern approach with this Moving Out review (which is a similar style).

Now that you’re up-to-speed, Cannibal Cuisine (I keep typing ‘Corpse’ – metal fans will get it) is like Overcooked, only you appease the gods with human flesh.

When peeking at the write up for in initially for the news piece, I got the impression that it would be a fast-paced game, but easy to pick up.

My instincts continue to let me down with gaming as Cannibal Cuisine is harder than the cheese metaphor that my primary school Head Master gave when he said I couldn’t restart my art project for the 8th time.

Cannibal Cuisine
Eatin’ by the dock of the bay. Source: PR

It’s pretty hard and fast-paced would be one way of describing, but I’d say it’s more frantic than anything.

Cannibal Smith

Any decent party game (it is one, isn’t it?) needs a character selection screen with a flood of options which you’ll mostly never use and go for the vanilla-looking bod but pleased to see that Rocket Vulture included so much choice.

Other than a funky hat, you can change the colour of your cannibal, select a variety of weapons (cosmetic only but wicked to hit a pleb with a frying pan) and select your skill.

Unfortunately, Foreign Languages and Ikebana weren’t available. 

When you start the campaign mode, however, you can choose from dash (allowing you to cross gaps), stomp (to stagger enemies), totem (for healing cannibals) and fire breath to speed up the cooking process.

Cannibal Cuisine can be played solo, but there’s room for three other players both locally and online. As nobody else had a copy at the time of reviewing, I played locally with two other players, and though it was chaotic, it was significantly better.

The point of the game is to prepare dishes for the Hoochooboo deities that have arisen on your island and crave a human sacrifice.

To do this, you have to slaughter unwitting tourists, combine them with an ingredient, cook it up and then serve to the Hoochooboo. It’s straightforward, but from the outset, there’s a considerable amount of environmental hazards that will throw a spanner in the works.

Cannibal Lecture

My first attempt was on my own in handheld more, and it was probably a bad time as first of all, I was bellowing at the character for moving when I wasn’t touching the joysticks.

Cannibal Cuisine - Hot ones
Hot ones. Sauce: PR

It was the work of The Drifters as the joysticks were inadvertently drifting away, and no, they aren’t joy-cons by my beloved Hori-Pad. I don’t want to talk about it.

Then, after slaughtering a few tourists who put up a modest fight, I cooked their meat, served to the Hoochooboo for them to throw a flaming rock in my direction.

What gives!?! I was doing was I was supposed to. That is until I realised that I wasn’t fusing the ingredients with the meat.

At the top of the screen is an order menu with the Hoochooboo’s demands; the first level is a slab of meat with bananas, then the next level was ribs and pepper.

You need to make sure that you get the right combo before the request disappears before the meat gets burnt to a crisp and before the timer runs out.

A lot to ask, and as I speak to all men: we can’t multitask.

Cannibal Corpse

With all of these factors taken into account, the next challenge is navigating the dangerous terrains of trampolines, one-way systems, angry deities and tourist mobs seemingly out to get you.

To some extent, it’s a little overwhelming as there’s so much to do, and to progress, you need at least one of three stars (awarded through your score).

Cannibal Cuisine - Barrel run
Going for the barrel run. Source: PR

The faster you complete the tasks, the more stars you unlock and then fast track your way to each boss challenge. I won’t spoil it, but these are hectic and the only way I kept my sanity was through playing with someone else.

If that’s not your thing, then you can do a versus mode too.

When it boils down to the controls, ignoring my drift issue (unrelated to the game), they handle quite well though I found myself switching to the d-pad on tighter sections as your cannibal can die.

Though death is not the end when there’s so much going on, having your little avatar kick the bucket is a bit of a setback.

I’m one for healing in a game, but I found the totem perk a little useless in this case as you can respawn when needed – even though it eats into your time.

Cannibal the Musical

Cannibal Cuisine is a simple game that is far more complex in application due to the many things going on all at one time.

When it comes to presentation, I was quite fond of the little meat-eaters, the Disney colour palette throughout and the way they moved.

Cannibal Cuisine - Monkey bones
Monkey bones. Source: PR

I can’t say the same about the music. It was a little uninspiring; playing on the tribal theme of drums, they soon became a little monotonous, but then again, it can be hard to get the license for a good Barry Manilow score.

It’s good to be able to have a one-player option, as not all of us have friends, but Cannibal Cuisine is definitely a multiplayer game.

I boosted the score purely on the multiplayer experience as it was hilarious to watch other players play worse than me; seeing them get frustrated as they attempted to cross a moat, only falling in once more.

That experience perhaps diluted the overall difficulty of the game as it does feel a little on the challenging side. Environmental hazards often irritated more than “oh, that was my fault, I’ll learn from my mistake” approach.

If you’re looking for an Overcooked alternative at a lower price, with a bit more guts (literally), then give Cannibal Cuisine a chance, but bring some friends to play.

And if it doesn’t work out for you, you could always eat them.

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