Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop Update Available Now

The Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop update is now available, and if you have the Season Pass, expect to see some new buses from Ebusco...

I couldn’t think of anything more boring than a bus simulator – perhaps a bee simulator? Been there, done that. Still, Bus Simulator was one of the first simulators I played, and pleased to say that a Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop update from stillalive studios and astragon Entertainment (Police Simulator: Patrol Officers) is available now.

We’re currently on Bus Simulator 21, and with this huge update, we get an expansion to the North American Angel Shores map, free next-gen upgrades and a Gold Edition that includes all previously released paid DLCs. Of course, if you have the Season Pass, you get everything included, such as The Ebusco Bus Pack.

The Ebusco Bus Pack has three new e-buses from Dutch manufacturer Ebusco and six selectable interiors. This can be purchased separately or activated with the Season Pass. Owners of the main game who want in on all the DLC can also buy the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Gold Upgrade. Phew! Lots of stuff to look at, but head to the official site for more info.

You can watch the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop trailer here:

And, as if I couldn’t get another ‘bus’ in this post, look out for a Bus Simulator 21/Next Stop review. It’s already out, so it’s not spoiling things by saying it’s been brilliant so far. Watch this space…