Bus Driver Simulator: Countryside – Leave The City Behind

Hail to the bus driver - Bus Driver Simulator: Countryside is available on the PS4 and you can drive a bus. In the countryside.

Ah, the open road… still hooked on Euro Truck Simulator 2, there’s still room for Bus Driver Simulator: Countryside – especially as you get to ferry passengers about through rural locations, experience traffic scenarios, and more.

Driving a bus wouldn’t usually be something that sounds appealing, but having started with Bus Simulator, it’s easy to get absorbed. More so with the setting here as you’ll get to drive through picturesque villages in Russia such as the small town of Murom.

Navigate unpaved roads and adhere to a strict schedule; this isn’t a joy ride – you still have a responsibility in Bus Driver Simulator: Countryside, but as it isn’t real, why not give it a try?

Key features include:

  • Steer your bus through the picturesque landscapes of Russia.
  • Attention: Danger of skidding! Adapt your driving style to the seasons and different weather conditions.
  • Keep an eye on over 50 bus stops and transport your passengers to their destination on more than 23 routes.
  • Create your own timetables and routes for even more variety.
  • Feel the road! Now the physics of the road surface affects your driving experience (slipping in winter, better grip in summer).
  • Choose from seven detailed recreated buses, upgrade them and customise them to your own liking.
  • Different traffic situations demand the right reaction: show patience in traffic jams, keep calm in accidents and be attentive during long-distance journeys or night-time driving.

Here’s a Bus Driver Simulator: Countryside trailer, courtesy of UIG Entertainment:

And when can you pick this game up? Now for the PS4. Go check yo PSN before yo wreck yo’ self.