Buried In Ice Is Inspired By That Movie… What’s The Thing Called?

Taking inspiration from the classic movie The Thing, Buried In Ice is an upcoming survival horror for PC and consoles.

It’s time to man up as we have another incoming survival horror in Buried In Ice. While it’s easy for me to conveniently shy away from it, the reference to The Thing has whet my appetite.

Set in Antarctica, that wonderful tourist location shy of visitors, you are the sole survivor of a US base and accused of killing the crew and <ahem> property damage. Everybody’s dead, and you’re getting the blame for it, but little does anyone realise that you are the last line of defence for humanity.

The promo material for Buried In Ice does say ‘no one will hear you scream’, but that’s more Alien than The Thing, init?

Buried In Ice - Toasty
Toasty. Source: Steam

If you know your geography, Antarctica is pretty chilly so you can’t venture outside and need to stay warm, and this is the survival part, locating gas for keeping out the cold, and food to stay alive.

All while this is going on, there’s ‘something’ lurking on the base. What’s particularly unique about Buried In Ice is your mental state. If you get too stressed, you may end up attacking your captors, destroying equipment, or even suicide. 

You’re faced with a moral dilemma: let everyone die, save yourself, or head down the harder, but more rewarding router of saving everyone. As a fan of The Thing, I couldn’t be more excited for Buried In Ice.

Here are some of the features:

  • Remember that team play is the key to success. Staying together means staying alive. If you‘re alone for too long, it will bring an end to your story.
  • Survive in the most unfriendly environment on Earth. Remember that hunger, cold, stress, or contamination can be as fatal as the THING that’s hunting you.
  • Test your moral boundaries. Co-operate with other members of the team, help them survive or steal, cheat, run away, destroy, and kill. It’s up to you how this story will end.
  • Trust no one. Teamwork might be the only key to survival, but at the same time, you’ll never be sure who remained human and who was already possessed by the THING.
  • Remember that time is running out. Try to either escape or kill the THING as soon as possible because if you happen to become the last one standing, it may mean that you’re not human anymore…

…and a trailer:

Now here’s the bad newsBuried In Ice is still in progress from Liquid Engine Development, so no release date just yet. That shouldn’t stop you to wishlist it on Steam, however. It’s being developed for consoles too!

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