More End Of The World Stuff Where You Use Your Bullets And Brains

Bullets and Brains - a new post-apocalyptic strategic shooter where you fend off zombies waves and not some bespoke gun pageant.

We’re done with zombies in the world of gaming – now it’s post-apocalyptic environments in games such as Bullets and Brains from Ajvar Studio and No Gravity Games, in which you fight zombies. Ah, bollocks… the undead are still festering about after all.

Not that I’m anti-zombies – zombies were people, too – but unless developers make the games a bit more interesting, I’m comfortably on my side of the fence with a disapproving look. Bullets and Brains follows the same format; fighting relentless waves of zombies, navigating desolate streets, and choosing a character that best suits your playstyle/colour of your socks. 

Don’t want to save humanity on your own? Bring a friend in co-op! Here are some of the main features of the game:

  • Choose between many distinctive characters, each with their own starting weapon.
  • Explore a sprawling post-apocalyptic environment, filled with atmospheric locations and hidden secrets.
  • Engage in intense top-down 3D shooter combat against never-ending hordes of brain-hungry zombies.
  • Collect brains in order to level up and energy that grants powerful abilities, allowing you to unleash devastating attacks.
  • Experience the game with your preferred control scheme, supporting both mouse and keyboard as well as gamepad.
  • Adapt your tactics and loadouts to suit different enemy types and encounter two new challenging foes.
  • Uncover hidden collectibles and unlock bonus content as you progress through the game.
  • Engage in thrilling and satisfying gunplay, with a wide range of weapons and explosives at your disposal.

Here’s the video:

Bullets and Brains is coming soon to Steam. Wishlist it on the store page for release date news.