Bug Academy Out Now On The Nintendo Switch

Tired of walking your way over rough terrain making deliveries? Then fly in Bug Academy. It's a lot faster.

Unfortunately, I got a late invite on this one. Well, I wasn’t invited and gatecrashed the release party for Bug Academy on the Nintendo Switch. I meant to post this a couple of days ago, but you know how it is. You do, really, you do.

Bug Academy is a classic indie title that I honestly would have overlooked if I saw it on the eShop, but when the info hit my inbox along with the trailer, it piqued my interest and I will say I’ll be looking at acquiring a copy when time permits.

From Ultimate Games (the Facebook page as it’s in English), Bug Academy was a Kickstarter piece that has since been completed and delivered on the Nintendo eShop. Emphasis on delivered. In the game, you take the role of a swarm of flies that cancel out the future of drone deliveries and use their might to carry anything from fire extinguishers to cows. It’s everything Death Stranding aspired to be.

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Bug Academy - What's the beef
Budget cuts for Paw Patrol

The promo music instantly got under my skin, but not in a good way. Bug Academy looks like one of those irritating ‘one more go’ type titles. This time in a good way. Aesthetically it looks like it has been influenced by Little Big Planet, Rayman and a sprinkle of LocoRoco, which is the highest praise for this type of game. I can see my kids enjoying this, but I won’t shy away in saying that I’m keen to get my hands on it and perhaps relate to flies a little more than I already do. That’s a weird sentiment.

But… for all those fly haters, there are also bees and fireflies. Everyone loves bees, right? According to M Night Shyamalan, they should be world leaders. Well, that wasn’t the exact message but I think people are aware more about why bees are important and are people too.

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Anyhoo, I’ll save the rest for a future review, but in the meantime, Bug Academy is available from the Nintendo eShop now, and also Steam, if that’s your thing. Hum along to the trailer below: