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Bubble Ghost Remake: Visuals That Pop

A remake of the Atari ST game of a similar name, Bubble Ghost Remake is a puzzler set to release in 2024 on PC and the Switch.

Bubble Ghost Remake
Source: Steam

They’ve only gone and done a Bubble Ghost Remake, haven’t they? Who, you ask? Why SelectaPlay and VIDIBOND GAMES [stop shouting!], of course. What do you mean, “What’s Bubble Ghost?”.

To be fair, I’m not familiar with the original (which was on the Atari ST – I was, and still am, an Amiga fanboy), but you need not worry as this new addition, with the help from artist Ken Niimura, is coming along and looks eerily good.

Key features in Bubble Ghost Remake include:

  • Story mode – Dive deep into the gripping game’s story, unraveling the plot surrounding Heinrich and the enigmatic bubble, facing unexpected bosses, and uncovering all the castle’s hidden secrets.
  • Arcade mode – Relive the magic of arcade lounges by tackling levels “old-school style”, where lives are limited and every move matters.
  • Challenge mode – Overcome exciting challenges carefully designed for the bravest players. Test your reflexes and skills in extreme situations.
  • Speedrun mode – Are you a perfectionist? In this mode, the aim is clear: complete the game in the shortest time possible.
  • Hall of Fame – Prove your worth and compete for a spot in the pantheon of “Bubble Ghost Remake” legends.

Have a perusal at the trailer below:

Bubble Ghost Remake is set for a PC and Nintendo Switch release in 2024.

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