Brixity Brings Hope To The Pipo

With the world's resources dried up, humanity has lived on Mars for the past 500, but Brixity hopes to rebuild...

There’s nothing like a news story a few days late, but Brixity is a game that I want my three fans to know about. It’s a 3D city builder coming in Q3 2021, and… yeah, I’m there too. Love a good ol’ city builder, me.

From Devsisters, creators of Cookie Run, this game is a free-to-play title for mobile. Why is it being covered here then? I seldom play mobile games as I never have the time, if that makes sense, but feel this needs to be shared. Aahh…

Originally codenamed Project MarsBrixity is a city builder about saving the Earth. No need to worry about recycling and such as our ancestors effed that up 500 hundred years ago. Now, everyone’s fled to Mars, courtesy of the immortal Musk, still alive, 500 years later.

Still, you’ll be held accountable for what was done in the past as you return to Earth for The Big Clean, making it inhabitable once more, so we can ignore what Douglas Quaid was told, and do the opposite and get off of Mars.

Brixity is a platform for building customized structures to your heart’s content -– but the trick is how it engages player collaboration with a game that’s easily accessible to all players. We want to see where players will take it.

Jeein Kim, Director of Product

Adding to that, you’ll be able to join virtual communities consisting of virtual cities made of Brix, constructed by Pipo. That’s not a spelling mistake; that’s who builds your dreams.


Brixity isn’t currently lined up for PC and consoles, but you can go check out the official site now for more info when the game is released later this year.