Brew Your Beer Without The Hangovers In Brewpub Simulator

Time for a beer, methinks. Make the perfect beer, then sell it in Brewpub Simulator - coming to Steam in 2023.

Fancy a brewski? Make your own in Brewpub Simulator – a new… simulator from Movie Games that puts the pump in your hand. Now, get lashed!

No, no, no! Don’t drink the product – here, we have a simulation on making the best craft beers without needing to grow a manbun, wax your tash or put avocado on your toast

In Brewpub Simulator, you’ll make lagers, stouts and IPAs – irrespective of whether you want a pilsner – where you’ll focus on handcrafted beers but also configure the vibe of the pub you’ve – wait for it: inherited from your grandfather. FFS.

Features include:

  • Brew your dream beer! Discover new recipes, buy ingredients and unlock more advanced equipment
  • Unlock new furniture and decorations and customise your pub
  • Earn reputation, attract new customers and keep your returning patrons satisfied
  • Master each step of a realistic process of brewing craft beers
  • Play multiple minigames, including pouring beer, changing kegs, mixing ingredients, bottling beer, and more
  • Manage your business, hire employees and keep your pub fully stocked
  • Take on daily missions to earn more money and experience

Here’s a little trailerski for you:

Brewpub Simulator will be crafted in time for Q1 2023. In the meantime, go wishlist it before you forget.

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