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Breathedge out now
Source: Steam


Breathedge Reinstates The Importance Of Space Chickens

As the sole survivor of a spaceliner catastrophe, you have to brave the elements to return home in Breathedge.

Who didn’t have fun playing Subnautica? Me. I’ve never played it, but boy, do I want to explore outer space with a chicken in Breathedge. Who wouldn’t?

A survival adventure, Breathedge begins with the aftermath of a spaceliner catastrophe, and you play as a survivor. Well, you’re not going to play a corpse. There’s an idea for you indie devs.

Breathedge - Hammer
If I had a hammer (or wrench). Source: Steam

You have to brace the extreme cold and heat, avoid radiation and somehow survive in this hell in space. Fortunately, you have the support of a chicken, the most underrated space companion, as you battle it out with coffin robots, as well as all these environmental hazards.

From HypeTrain Digital (behind Tunche) and Redruins Softworks, Breathedge looks pretty remarkable. Before that tone takes a serious turn, you’ll be pleased that the game also has a sense of humour.

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Key features in Breathedge include:

  • Stunning visuals and high-fidelity artwork, captured in a frozen moment of the colossal spaceship post-explosion scene
  • Craft tools, build vehicles, and even construct a station to make a cozy base in space!
  • Make your way through the depths of space and its ever-present dangers
  • Explore the nooks and crannies of the scattered interiors and secret areas to find out what really happened to the famous space liner “Unnamed”
  • Play as a guy named the Man, the grandson of a prominent engineer involved heavily in the dramatic events that took place before the catastrophe. Find out your grandpa’s legacy!
  • Fight your base instincts, the dangers of open space, flying robots, and common sense
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And how about a trailer?

Now there’s that bit where you find out you have to wait six months for a release date. Wrong! It’s out now, and you can find details in the link below, plus also on Epic Games Store.

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