Big fish, little fish, cardboard Boxville. No? Ok, moving on… Boxville is a mixture of animated film and puzzle game with over ‘300 hours of artists’ time spent on every scene’, coming soon to Kickstarter.

From a relatively new development team of artists and developers, Triomatica Games’ upcoming title is unique in that you can watch and play the game. As a fan of cutscenes, looking back to the days of point and clicks, as well as FMV, here the scenes could be classed as a reward for your progression.

You play Blue Can – one of the many cans that populate the city (don’t overthink the title). After a series of unexplained earthquakes, he seeks out the source behind the recent occurrences and finds a way back home.

I instantly fell for the art style. It’s a 2D approach where each animation and sound is unique. It’s incredibly ambitious, but judging on what’s on display thus far, the team have the talent.

I spent several months on finding our unique graphic style.

I have an architectural background, so I wanted to create deep and geometrically correct views. Perspective and realistic lights are fundamental for me. However, I didn’t want to create hyper realistic graphics for Boxville, because it feels cold and synthetic. So, I was searching for the balance between physically correct lightning, architectural sketches’ style and a cartoony look.”

Anna Marinenko, Lead Artist of Boxville

Enough hype, watch the Boxville trailer yourself:

Boxville will be coming to Kickstarter for funding, so stay up to date here. In the meantime, why not check out the demo on Steam? It’s free!