Botanica – A 2D Side-Scroller Of Tiny Proportions? Sounds Grand!

Become the greatest Sproutkin of them all in 2D platformer Botanica - available to play as a demo on Steam, and Newsgrounds.

Just announced by Second Fiddle Studios in the form of a playable demo, Botanica is a 2D platformer that ‘welcomes players into a magical realm where botany and magic interwine’.

As a Sproutkin, one of the weakest creatures of the realm, you set out to prove yourself by battling bosses to the point that you can tackle the most dangerous god of all, that no creature dares challenge. Slide, hop, drop, and showboat your melee and ranged-based warrior skills!

Key features in Botanica include:

  • Classic platforming features meet 2D melee combat for a balanced gameplay experience.
  • Optional challenges are available throughout the gameallowing players to set their pace.
  • Gain new abilities as you defeat enemies and gather ability seeds; these seeds may be dropped and exchanged at any time.
  • Four worlds and four world bosses are available; dedicated players may search for Botanica’s secret boss.
  • Quirky and humorous dialogue introduces players to the other creatures of the realm.
  • Boss rush mode and extra challenges are available for an extended experience.
  • Featuring an exciting soundtrack composed by Desolo Zantas.

Here’s the trailer:

Botanica is now available to play as a demo on Steam,, and Newsgrounds.