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Bossgard: Toast God Snubs Humanity During Ragnarok

Bossgard comes to the Switch during Ragnarok, and signals the end of days. Grab a couple of friends and sent them back to Hel! (do your research for the spelling).

I wrote about the legend of the toast jotun in my other site Steamin’ Windows, but I’ve decided to put the focus back on the VK site (plus it’s another excuse to cover Bossgard again).

It looks great.

Bossgard - Roll of the dice
Roll the dice! Source: Sand Sailor Studio

If you can’t be arsed to click the above link, in summary, it’s a multiplayer title where you either play with four other buddies against a boss, or risk it all, and play said boss again five ‘orrible Vikings.

Sand Sailor Studio is bringing the game to the PC, but the reason for this news piece is its arrival on the Switch this month. Next week to be precise, and I’m looking forward to playing it.

With the expected range of classes in the game from healers to warriors, necromancers to risk assessors, Bossgard promises to have a player for everyone, and if you don’t want to be a puny human, be a toilet plunger boss.

So, Ragnarok is here, and it’s as bad as they predicted. Your team have to fight these jotun (a crafty way of inserting the review to Jotun), as the last remaining protectors of Earth Realm. Wrong franchise.

Here are some features:

  • Connect up to 6 Joy-Con™ controllers and play with or against your friends!
  • Play as one of 6 unique bosses, each one with their own unique powers! Giant bread, huge plungers, evil robots, and more!
  • The Vikings play in teams of up to 5 members and each Viking can play a different role!
  • Pick one of 10 unique Vikings, like Edith the Necromancer, Asha the Engineer, or Brunhilde the Bard.
  • The game features 3 major game modes: Viking vs Boss, Viking vs Viking and the 3rd person singleplayer Survival mode, where you hunt monsters in search of the final Boss.
  • Play in a group from a top view perspective or solo from a 3rd-person perspective.
  • All characters are customizable with armor sets, weapons, color schemes and more!

Have a look at the moving images in Bossgard below as this looks like a lot of fun with your buddies, or if you hate humanity, again, play as a boss:

Out on the Nintendo Switch from the 15th of July… what are you waiting for? Add Bossgard to your wishlist!

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