No Time To Pinch A Loaf, But Born Of Bread Still Set For 2023

Slightly delayed, but still set for a late 2023 release, Born of Bread in an upcoming turn-based/real-time hybrid heading for PC and consoles.

Half-baked, as in ‘needs more time in the oven’, WildArts and Dear Villagers’ upcoming RPG Born of Bread has been postponed a little, but still on schedule for PC and consoles later in the year.

Taking on the role of Loaf, a golem formed from bread, you’ll befriend many companions to explore a 2.5D land using a turn-based/real-time combat setting, using a character who has a ‘child-like wonder’. A.k.a, naive

Key features include:

  • One flour golem who possesses a never-ending childlike wonder and a set of odd abilities 
  • A wonderful world ripe with mysteries
  • An eclectic cast of fleshed-out characters
  • A wacky storyline
  • A pinch of light puzzles
  • Turn-based battles with a dash of real-time minigames
  • Bright, colorful 2.5D graphics
  • Side-missions (add to taste)
  • A captive audience granting you bonuses in battle

Here’s the most recent trailer:

Born of Bread is due to release in the autumn for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch. Other than the headline, I’ve saved you from the bread puns. Thank me for it later.