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Bonfire Peaks Is The Firestarter

Take that desire to set your gear on fire by conducting it in a safe environment: Bonfire Peaks – a puzzle title for pyros, out this year!

Bonfire Peaks is your firestarter
Source: Steam

Draknet & Friends are busy this year with an excellent selection of titles coming to PC and consoles, such as A Monster’s Expedition, but this one is about Bonfire Peaks, set for a September release.

Developed by Corey Martin, this voxel art puzzle title is for that inner pyromaniac in you. Climb atop a mysterious island’s ruins by burning everything along the way

Bonfire Peaks - Burn it, burn it all
Burn it, burn it all. Source: Steam

Each step of the way is a significant one, as the promotional information states ‘Filler content has been burned away to create a perfectly fine-tuned experience, filled with richly rewarding challenges and surprising new mechanics that’ll keep sparking your interest right through to the end’.

Bonfire Peaks includes:

  • Burn your belongings to a crisp in easy-to-learn, hard-to-master puzzles
  • Straight to the point: A cerebral experience in elegant level-design with zero filler.
  • 100+ fiendishly difficult levels scattered around an atmospheric overworld. Stuck? Leave one for later!
  • A feast for the eyes: Sokoban mechanics rendered with vibrant, lush voxel art.
  • Serene and atmospheric soundtrack to chill your brain while you take on mind-bending puzzles.
  • Did we mention it was difficult? Well, it’s very much a Draknek game!

Check out this voxel delight with a trailer:

Bonfire Peaks is coming to PC and consoles this September. If it’s piqued your interest, you can try the demo now on Steam.

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