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Body of Evidence out today on Switch
Source: PR


Body Of Evidence – What Body? I Don’t See Anything

Play hide the corpse in Body of Evidence, a puzzle game on the Switch, moonlighting as a post-murder cleaner.

Not the ‘classic’ motion picture starring ‘Mads’ Madonna, Body of Evidence is a puzzle game where your role is the post-murder cleaner. Out on the Nintendo Switch today!

Unlike Serial Cleaner, another poor soul who has to deal with the mess, your position here is as a body disposal specialist covers work for the cops as well as the mafia. 

It’s fair to assume that this would be a reasonably slow-paced game (I could be wrong), so Body of Evidence, from Empyrean Games and No Gravity Games, is packed full of plot twists, pop culture references and a wicked sense of humour, to keep your focus.

Body of Evidence - Fishy
Something fishy. Source: PR

Sounds like a simple job, but it’s not a glorified removals job as you have to clear all traces of evidence, notably blood, and you’re on the clock too. Dip into an inventory such as a lockpick to take a shortcut, a hose to clear the blood (and your hands – gotta wash those hands), plus more. Become a phantom.

Keys features of Body of Evidence include:

  • Full of black humour.
  • Many ways to complete each level.
  • 30 different flats with unique crime scenes.
  • Advanced hiding body mechanic.
  • Inspired by Quentin Tarantino movies – remember Jules from Pulp Fiction?
  • Advanced ragdoll effects – lift, bend, move, drop, squeeze naturally.
  • Music by Draco Nared (Agony, Lust for Darkness, Phantaruk, House Flipper).
  • From the creators of House Flipper!

Check out the trailer below:

Body of Evidence is out on the Nintendo Switch today for 9.99 EUR/USD – pick up that mop and bucket and get disposing.

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