BloodBond: Into The Shroud: Release Your Inner Viking Witch

Help Astrid, a Viking witch, locate her estranged father in BloodBond: Into The Shroud - an RPG out now on Steam.

W.R.K.S Games has just launched their debut title BloodBond: Into The Shroud on PC – a third-person RPG with modern graphics and a modern engine, but with an old-school experience.

Set in Jordensheim, you play Viking witch Astrid. After a hunt, she returns to find it destroyed, her mother missing. From here, she seeks out her estranged father, Birger, to find out what happened.

BloodBond Into The Shroud - Are you local
Are you local? Source: Steam

There’s a focus on freedom and exploration in BloodBond: Into The Shroud, as the developers don’t force battles onto you, nor are there any set paths to take. It’s about finding yourself, perhaps to tie in with the story.

Referring back to those RPG roots, you’ll gain XP for everything you do, from discoveries to adding items to your inventory – the recipe for a very engaging game. But more importantly, it’s about making the right decisions: do you fight or stay in the shadows?

Here’s a trailer:

BloodBond: Into The Shroud is available now on Steam.

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