A Blind Samurai…? Wait, It’s A Cyber Samurai! Blind Fate Edo No Yami Demo Out Now

Use your sound, smell and heat skills as a blind cyber samurai fighting robots from Japanese folklore - Blind Fate Edo no Yami demo out now!

Katana Zero is hands down one of my favourite games, and now there’s another hardcore (cyber) samurai contender in Blind Fate Edo no Yami – available to play as a demo on Steam.

The tab for this game has been on my desk all day, and been meaning to share this as it looks soooo good. A cinematic side-scroller from Troglobytes Games, you have to face a dystopian Edo ruled by machines from Japanese folklore.

Blind Fate Edo no Yami - Can't see
Fortunately he can’t see how big it is. Source: Steam

This is probably a bit of a wet dream for all of us Japanophiles as most of us have a thing for yokai; what with titles like Nioh 2, and can I say it? Yokai Watch? Blind Fate Edo no Yami is the business.

Key things to look out for include donning the Mask of the Oni to create a simulation around you to depict old data, which could potentially ‘show you only deceiving echoes of the past’. As a blind swordsman, you implement sound, smell and heat to unleash vengeance against these robotic folklore abominations.. ok, I just want to play this already.

Here’s a trailer:

Blind Fate Edo no Yami isn’t available until Q1 2022, but that’s not important; you can play the demo now on Steam!