Can You Prevent Tragedy In Blake The Visual Novel? Kabooming Onto Steam In July

Introducing... Blake The Visual Novel - a graphic novel that meets the visual novel set up as you play an average guy who moonlights as a vigilante to save his friends.

Know anyone named Blake? Tell them that there’s been a game made about them called Blake The Visual Novel and watch them relish in the satisfaction that they’ve made it. It’s coming to Steam in the summer.

The ‘C word’ hasn’t been mentioned in the write-up, but the story is set in a perpetually rainy and tech-advanced city of New Stone. You play the Blake in the title; a regular dood by day, vigilante (without a costume?) by night.

The narrative is slightly mysterious, but there’s a note that you’ll enter a neo-noir parallel universe in Blake The Visual Novel – a game from Ori Mees and LegendOri Productions. In the trailer, you’ll see that you have dialogue options in this visual novel that will impact whether you can prevent ‘tragic events from materialising’. 

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As a graphic novel fused with a visual one, it’s clear that this stands on its own comic book feet when it comes to the illustrations – they’re fantastic. But how do the interactive elements play out? We’ll have to wait for a few more months first.

Have a look-see at the trailer for Blake The Visual Novel below:

Heading to Steam on July the 14th, add to your wishlist to get reminded on the release date – it’s £1.69 / $1.99 / €1.59!

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