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Black Bird Is Getting The Limited Run Treatment

Onion Games, makers of Dandy Dungeon, have one of their titles hitting the Limited Run shelves: Black Bird, available for the Switch in physical form!

Black Bird getting a Limited Run

Are you a game collector with an everlasting supply of money with Ticketmaster type booking speed that enables you to snap up a deal before anyone else can? Then you may be delighted to hear that Black Bird is getting a Limited Run treatment.

Black Bird is a game from Onion Games – creators of Dandy Dungeon which just had a recent mega update. It’s tricky to explain this one without doing justice to the copy on their site:

Once upon a time, there was a pitiful girl. Because nobody helped her, she had died. After a while, a mysterious gentleman appeared from nowhere, and poked her with his cane. Then the girl became a big, big egg. The egg broke with a crisp sound, and a vicious “black bird” was born.

Onion Games’ website
Black Bird - Where is it

Yeah, so that’s what we’re going with. It’s not a game that I’ve had the privilege of playing, but like Dandy DungeonBlack Bird is available on the Switch

Black Bird is available in two editions: the standard edition and the Collector’s Edition. The standard edition comes with the physical cartridge and colour manual, whereas the Collector’s Edition comes with a reversible 18″ x 24″ poster, the original soundtrack and an art book. Not to do some colouring, they’re already done that.

Pre-orders open on the 10th April, so if you’re quick, you might be able to grab a copy, but do the collectors a favour and buy it if you want it, not to sell it on eBay at an inflated price. That’s a dick move.

Do bear in mind that Black Bird will ship 2-4 months after the pre-order window closes. In the meantime, you can grab this either on the Nintendo eShop or via Steam.

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