Don’t Be Alarmed, It’s Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic

Save the world, and all that s**t, it doesn't matter - Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic is an enjoyable puzzle game on the PS4.

Zoo Corporation want you to panic. They want you to panic hard, and Eastasiasoft is peering over their shoulder with a little wink, goading them on. But Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic isn’t a game of hysteria; it’s surprisingly good fun.

Let’s live on the knife’s edge and say it’s almost the opposite of panic and somewhat soothing. Yeah, that’s right: it’s relaxing to some extent, and for the brief time it was played, it was an enjoyable experience. The end.

But it’s not the end and only the beginning. You may well be wondering what kind of game Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic is. Well, let me tell you. It’s a puzzle game of sorts, navigating a pilot avatar around a grid system, revealing an anime girl underneath.

That’s the skinny, and expanding on that doesn’t go much more in-depth as everything is on face value. Apparently, there’s a story here, but unless my version of the PS4 code was corrupt, there was nothing here remotely resembling a story, not even any dialogue scenes.

That sounds like a complaint, but it’s not. Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic doesn’t need it as it’s 100% focused on gameplay. There are five levels in all, with ten stages each. There is an increasing difficulty, but to be honest, the challenges are up and down, and a lot of the time, you can pull off the same technique with a hint of patience.

The point is to get a peek at the girl behind the screen, initially as a silhouette, and to do that, you have to cut into the image with a laser – each time you connect a section, it reveals more of the picture. Enemies are there to make it a challenge and will call you names. If they touch you or your line, you’re dead. But you have multiple lives per attempt; fear not.

Movement is basic: up, down, left and right, with none of this diagonal malarky. Likewise, there are no moves or actions other than the journey. You’re confined to the lines you create, which means one direction without Mr Styles.

Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic! Review - Almost
Almost.. Source: Screen capture

Though there aren’t any laser swords or nukes, you can pick up a few power-ups, such as an invincibility shield that protects you from harm and sneezes. The turbo option moves you pretty quick (by default, you move rather slowly), and the other one is a time freeze that allows you to pick off enemies by snaring them with your lines.

So, you have to cut into the pictures without any contact. The more daring you are with larger segments, the higher your score. If you manage to get through without dying, you’ll get a perfect score bonus. Why are the scores important in Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic? An online leaderboard. This verified that while you can finish it in a sitting, getting a high score requires skill.

But chances are you’re reading this review because you saw anime girls, and as you’re steadily revealing flesh, will you see any bazongas? No. All the girls are clothed, but in that typical proportionate way, if that’s your thing. If you’re offended by the images in the screenshots, then you’ll want to avoid this, as well as House Party, once the review is done.

That said, from my perspective, Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic is safe. There’s no nudity or smut that will make you blind, and to be honest, the images could be pots of paint, and the game would still be just as fun. In fact, the girls of the game are an afterthought.

Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic! Review - Crimson
Crimson… Source: Screen capture

Yes, the artwork is well done, and again, and you can marvel at the lines and inking. I’m into my art and illustrations, and while I’m not a fan of anime, the characters are decent enough. Again, if girls with bazookas holding bazookas are what’s in your search history, then maybe you’ll enjoy that side of it more.Bishoujo attle Cyber Paic¬†Review Summary

Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic is about the gameplay without any attention on the story. Irrespective of the write-up about the girls from Rick G Earth and what-not, you’ll be doing the same thing over 50 stages without any narratives. It was an enjoyable experience and a lot better than anticipated.


  • Enjoyable gameplay.
  • Nice illustrations.
  • 50 stages.
  • Casual pace.
  • The gallery is alright.


  • Void of any story or features.
  • Repetitive.
  • No boss battles or variety.
  • Slow movement.