Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic Out This Week On PS4 And Switch

Time to reveal some anime babes in Eastasiasoft's latest, Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic. Out this week.

Breaking a bit of a motivation slump, here’s some Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic news: it’s out on the 11th of March for both the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. It’s currently in the review pile, but bringing it to your attention now.

The title alone almost immediately pigeonholes this into a select niche, but don’t be so judgemental yet: this is a strategic ‘single-screen action game where players attempt to capture areas of the play field while dodging enemies and collecting power-ups’.

Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic - The reveal
The reveal. Source: Eastasiasoft

It just so happens that progressing through a level reveal 1 of 40 anime girls underneath. If that’s not your thing, you can exit now, but if you’re open to something that features enjoyable gameplay, maybe this might be worth your time?

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Featuring licensed characters from Rick G Earth, the game aims to dodge enemies, drawing lines around the character silhouette to reveal your future waifu. I don’t know if I’ve used that in the proper context, but in literal Japanese, I’m assuming that does, in fact, mean wife…

Besides the wealth of characters, a.k.a. the levels, you can earn some bragging rights with the online leaderboards and reminisce on the tribulations that occurred with a particular stage by looking at the gallery of ladies. Steady.

Here’s a Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic trailer (from Eastasiasoft’s recent showcase reel):

Released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on the 11th of March, there’s not long to wait. If you can hold fire, I’ll aim to get a review done in time, pending my progress.

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