Bada Boom Bada Bish Bash Bots. Brilliant!

In a future where machines have stolen civilisation's tech, a bunch of heroes much reclaim it in tower defence co-op, Bish Bash Bots.

Tower defence… it’s where it’s at, especially if folks like Firestoke and Catastrophic_Overload are mixing up the genre by giving it an Overcooked feel and serving up co-op options for 1-4 players – both locally and online. Bish Bash Bots is coming to PC and consoles this year.

Aimed at couch co-op fans, it’s a blend of the classic tower defence strategy approach plus some brawling. Art imitating life: machines have taken our tech and are now using it against us. An alliance is formed, and the humans must battle it against these rogue robots over 8 biomes covering 32 levels.

The difference with Bish Bash Bots compared to other tower defence games is the variety (it helps that the visuals are nice, too). As James Letherby, co-founder of Catastrophic_Overload says, “As lovers of co-op we can’t wait for you to bash some bots with your friends”. 

Check out the trailer:

Bish Bash Bots should appeal to a broad audience as it’s coming to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch in late Summer 2023. More deets as and when.