Big Rumble Boxing Creed Champions
Source: PR

Big Rumble Boxing Creed Champions is the latest addition from Survios and MGM as this new boxing game hits the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in Spring 2021.

This is the second collaboration between both parties, the first being Creed: Rise to Glory, which was an excellent PSVR title – I have hope in this franchise becoming stronger with a launch on these platforms, but no mention of next-gen?

With a roster than, naturally includes Adonis Creed, Ivan Drago makes an appearance and some bloke called Rocky. Whoever that is. The focus here is a pick-up and play title, so it sides more with arcade gaming than a simulation.

Big Rumble Boxing Creed Champions - Streetfighter
Streetfighter. Source: PR

Bringing classic arcade boxing to even more players worldwide, Survios is delighted to extend its partnership with MGM, creating another knockout game in the Creed franchise

Seth Gerson, Survios’s Chief Executive Officer.

While I’m not the biggest fan on boxing, I do love titles such as Ready 2 Rumble BoxingFight Night, and of course, Creed: Rise to Glory. If Big Rumble Boxing Creed Champions resembles the latter, we’re in for a treat.

Check out the gameplay trailer below (around the 5:30 mark as this is from the Nintendo Direct):

Fight night is in the distant future as Big Rumble Boxing Creed Champions isn’t out until next Spring, but it’ll be worth waiting for, and most likely on a platform you can play.

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