Beyond A Steel Sky Is Now Available On Steam

Finally, BEYOND A STEEL SKY is available to buy on Steam - revisiting Robert Foster's world a second time.

I’ve covered Beyond A Steel Sky a couple of times now, even writing a feature about its predecessor Beneath A Steel Sky. Well, it’s finally available.

This will be a short piece, methinks, and this news piece isn’t a scoop or anything – just a gentle reminder that I MUST PICK THIS UP SOON!

I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest Beneath A Steel Sky fan, but I’m primarily a point and click adventure dweeb and I would very much like to revisit the world of Robert Foster in this sequel. Plus, it’s Revolution Software!

Beyond A Steel Sky - The Wall
Who would build a wall to keep people out(in)?Source: PR

This is a game for me, that is, I’ll be buying this when I have the time to play and don’t anticipate writing a review until I’ve milked everything on the screen. Eww. You know what I mean.

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You should know the story by now, but here are the core features in the game:

  • A unique, rich game experience interwoven with a deep narrative.
  • A story that enables players to meaningfully effect and subvert the gameworld and its characters.
  • Elegantly simple, intuitive controls that allow complex situations to emerge, offering a gameplay experience that will appeal to the novice as well as the experienced gamer.
  • Custom-written cutting-edge graphics technology delivers a beautiful, realtime, comic-book-styled world in HDR & 4K to complement the artwork of Dave Gibbons.
  • Original motion-comic book created by Dave Gibbons.

And, as it’s available, I’ll have to pop in a quote by the great Dave Gibbons:

Revolution has built an excellent reputation for writing intelligent adventure games that combine high drama with humor – leaving players not sure whether to laugh, gasp or both…I am thrilled with how Beyond a Steel Sky has turned out – it surpasses my expectations in every way.

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Here’s the Beyond A Steel Sky trailer:

Beyond A Steel Sky is out now on Steam. If it were available on Mac, I’d be buying this now (convenience mostly as work computers are Apple).