What Lurks Beneath? A Horror-Based FPS, That’s What

Help deep-sea veteran Noah Quinn escape the evil of the lower depths in the upcoming FPS, Beneath. Coming to Steam.

Does Beneath look good or what? Coming soon from Camel 101 is this horror-themed FPS which takes place in the depths of the ocean, and there are zero signs of Frank Fontaine.

The eldritch tentacles from the thumbnail may insinuate a bit of a Lovecraft theme – perhaps even a homage to Dagon? We’re jumping the gun here as the premise is this: you’re Noah Quinn, a deep-sea diver who must escape the terrors of the deep.

Ok, the Lovecraft reference might not be too over the top, as besides ammo management, you have to keep an eye on Noah’s sanity levels. Key features in Beneath include:

  • Resource management: Make every shot count! While there are a variety of weapons to pick from, ammo is scarce and must be scavenged.
  • Sanity: Beware of your sanity as you face monstrous horrors beyond comprehension.
  • Tactical combat: Survival requires you to play smart, and firepower isn’t always the solution.
  • Uncover secrets: Unearth the secrets of the deep by gathering information from your surroundings.
  • Confront unspeakable creatures: vulnerable to unstoppable, face off against a variety of enemies with your cunning and weapons.
  • Dynamic combat system: Adaptive enemy AI, destructible environment and customizable weapons.
  • Deep-sea diving suit: Thanks to your suit, you’ll be able to explore both the ocean floor and the underwater stations of the deep sea.

Check out the trailer – I think it looks ace. Great voice actor, by the way.

Beneath doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can add it to Steam and get notifications. If you’re a regular listener, I’ll also post info as and when it’s released.