Bem Feito Game Review: Reginaldo Is A Menace To Society

The infamous console that never existed. Or did it? Find out in retro RPG Bem Feito - available now on Steam.

What the heck is a JOGAROTO? Who is MEGASOFT? What does Bem Feito even mean? I won’t provide a single answer, as you’ll need to play the game.

This Bem Feito game review, a game by oiCabie and QUByte Interactive, was covered on the Steam Deck. It’s not a graphically intensive title, but I did notice some cropping during some scenes. Nothing was game-breaking, but I’m just putting it out there.

So… in 1999, MEGASOFT released the JOGATORO, but naturally, you haven’t heard of it, nor has anybody else. As a dev in the game (I think...), a friend acquires the mysterious device and sends you some files, including a ROM for you to experiment with. 

Bem Feito Game Review - Clean me
Clean me. Source: Steam

Bem Feito Game Review [PC] – Retro Gaming

My first impressions of Bem Feito were excellent. There’s a boot-up screen similar to Buddy Simulator 1984, and you’re presented with the Garotron OS – on par with Windows 98 but a bit flashier. Hey, it’s a device from the late 90s, so stop being so critical!

On the desktop are several icons to interact with. A manual informs you how to operate the device, and there are some accompanying documents, albeit encrypted, your profile, and email inbox. Double-clicking the latter results in a retro dial-up tone, unleashing ICQ nostalgia for those in the know, and there are a couple of emails to read.

But this isn’t Hypnospace OutlawThe core ‘game’ is the Bem Feito game, featuring Reginaldo. Reginaldo is a playable character that lives in a cute ‘flat 3D’ world.

Bem Feito Game Review - OS
OS. Source: Steam

Do This, Do That

After waking, he’ll have a to-do list. Tasks include mopping the floor, watering the plants, and collecting the veggies. This little loop happens each day, and there’s a little glitchy entry that’s hard to make out but legible nevertheless. Soon, the door rings, and you’ll meet and greet some new friends.

On the second or third day of Bem Feito, I answer the door and meet a new friend. I accidentally skipped the dialogue, so when interacting with the NPC again, I recalled they wanted to go for a walk. We did just that, and then, as we approached the lake, Reginaldo forced him in and killed him. Oh shit, I’ve buggered up the day! Wait a second… Reginaldo is a sadistic bastard!

Exiting the ROM, I noted that an achievement had unlocked, revealing a code. When applied to one of the encrypted documents, you play detective and dive deeper into the urban myth-like MEGASOFT, finding the accompanying photos. This adds depth to the game and further sends you down the rabbit hole.

Bem Feito Game Review - Reginaldo is a bit fishy
Reginaldo is a bit fishy. Source: Steam


I was under the impression that Bem Feito would be a compilation of retro games – I don’t know – like the VISCO Collection. Still, the story and investigatory work were very welcome. It’s just that the core gameplay was a bit meh.

In Reginaldo’s world, you can move in one of four directions and interact with a handful of tools and objects. A cute soundtrack accompanies gameplay, but the music mutes and then continues each time you complete a task or perform an action. It’s pretty distracting, as are the minor loading times after achieving those objectives.

The late game was also quite frustrating as there aren’t many hints on what to do, and you end up in this glitchy loop. However, emphasis again on some detective work and not overthinking it and treating the OS desktop as a realistic environment, that is, manipulating files as you would in real life.

Bem Feito has been quite the surprise. The virtual desktop and paper trail added to the ambience, and Reginaldo is a twisted character. It’s just a bit clunky and experimental regarding the ‘RPG‘ element. However, it’s still an experience I enjoyed for the storytelling devices and would like to see some expansion/website crossovers in the future.