Beat Slayer: A 90s Dystopian Rogue-lite Rhythm Game? Slay!

Set in 90s dystopian Berlin, Beat Slayer is a rogue-lite rhythm game coming to Steam in 2024.

You can blame my kid if the ‘slay’ in that headline is out of context. I’ve heard people saying it and asked her how to use it in a sentence – Beat Slayer has to be the guinea pig in this scenario.

What is accurate about the headline is the ‘rogue-lite’ and ‘rhythm‘ – also the dystopian parts. Set in a fictional Berlin in the 90s, you play music lover Mia as she takes on hordes of robots, hackin’ and slayin’ to the music. Note that I didn’t write ‘background music’ as it plays a prominent part.

Just some of the features thus far include:

  • Slay robot hordes and defeat challenging bosses – each with their own unique atmosphere and melodies
  • Unlock a range of weapons and upgrades to make every run different
  • Experience a soundtrack created in collaboration with the German Babelsberg Film Orchestra, among others!

Here’s a Beat Slayer trailer:

ByteRockers’ Games’ title is set for a 2024 release. Keen? There’s a Beat Slayer demo available now during the Steam Next Fest. Go on, get to it…