You can blame my kid if the ‘slay’ in that headline is out of context. I’ve heard people saying it and asked her how to use it in a sentence – Beat Slayer has to be the guinea pig in this scenario.

What is accurate about the headline is the ‘rogue-lite’ and ‘rhythm‘ – also the dystopian parts. Set in a fictional Berlin in the 90s, you play music lover Mia as she takes on hordes of robots, hackin’ and slayin’ to the music. Note that I didn’t write ‘background music’ as it plays a prominent part.

Just some of the features thus far include:

  • Slay robot hordes and defeat challenging bosses – each with their own unique atmosphere and melodies
  • Unlock a range of weapons and upgrades to make every run different
  • Experience a soundtrack created in collaboration with the German Babelsberg Film Orchestra, among others!

Here’s a Beat Slayer trailer:

ByteRockers’ Games’ title is set for a 2024 release. Keen? There’s a Beat Slayer demo available now during the Steam Next Fest. Go on, get to it…