Battle Hunters Unite As A Trio To Defeat Goblins Galore On The PC and Switch

Command a team of three in this turn-based/real-time RPG combo Battle Hunters - out now on Steam and Switch.

I don’t know about you, but my weekend is planned already, and Battle Hunters will be playing on the main stage. A squad-based RPG title, this is out now on the PC and Nintendo Switch.

From Phase Two Games, you play a posse of heroes up for a quest over dungeons, caves, forests and swamps, employing both turn-based and real-time tactics to ensure survival. Thankfully it isn’t a rogue-like – I was up until 2 am playing Iratus once more…

Picking a team of three, Battle Hunters boasts a roster of 28 unique heroes including the Barbarian, Rogue and Dreadknight, to name a few. Wait: 28?! Understandably, each has their pros and cons, so you have to whittle out what works for you.

Battle Hunters - Rogues
Rogues! Source: PR

We’re excited to bring Battle Hunters to PC and Nintendo Switch and hope that players enjoy our classic-style RPG. Battle Hunters is inspired by great RPGs of the past, but we think we’ve brought a fresh approach and some genuine innovation to the gameplay.

Dan Tonkin Co-Founder of Phase Two Games.

With the likes of goblins, trolls and gargoyles hoping to halt your progress, this could be the best goblin adventure since Disney’s Gummi Bears. Yeah, I used that as a reference.

Here’s a trailer:

In all honesty, I’m looking forward to playing this over the weekend – more so just writing the above. You can pick up Battle Hunters now via Steam or the eShop. Review to follow next week!