Batora: Lost Haven Release Date Confirmed

The Batora: Lost Haven release date has been confirmed for October on PC and consoles. If you hurry, you can play the demo on Steam.

Another date has been confirmed, this time, it’s the Batora: Lost Haven release date, which is set for PC and consoles next month – courtesy of Stormind Games and Team17.

Yet another demo that came up during the Steam Next Fest was certainly one of the better ones – an action RPG where you play the hero, Avril.

Covering multiple alien planets, Batora: Lost Haven is about restoring your Lost Haven using the powers of the sun and moon – two very different combat styles that Avril performs.

Key features in Batora: Lost Haven include:

  • Action-packed interplanetary adventure: Join a fantastical journey across the universe to explore alien worlds, meet a variety of unique beings, and uncover the secrets of the galaxy
  • Unique polarity switching mechanic: Harness the dual powers of Sun and Moon to overcome rewarding environmental challenges and vanquish deadly enemies
  • Branching story with multiple endings: Your choices decide the fate of the universe and those who inhabit it. Consider your actions and forge your path in an epic, interplanetary tale from a Writers’ Guild award winner
  • Fast-paced, multi-layered combat: Leverage the power of mind and body in frenetic battles against fantastical creatures and unearthly foes
  • Intricate puzzle solving: Put your mind and body to the test to solve otherworldly challenges
  • Retro sci-fi art style: Explore colourful and diverse alien landscapes with hand-painted visuals inspired by 1950s retro science fiction

Here’s the trailer:

Batora: Lost Haven will be available from the 20th of October for PC, PS5, PS4, Xboxes and the Nintendo Switch. If you’re quick, you can play the demo on Steam until the 19th of September.

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