Barry The Bunny: Rabbits Need To Build Bridges, Too

Could this chap be any cuter? Barry The Bunny hops onto consoles this week is about to build some bridges in the process.

You may not know it yet, but Barry The Bunny might be your next guilty platform pleasure as it heads to consoles this week, courtesy of Ratalaika Games.

For once, I checked this out before the notification of its release date as it shows up on the Nintendo eShop. My kids and I were flicking through the titles, and this was an immediate standout – not just for the kids, but, ahem… I like the look of it too.

Barry The Bunny - Bunny hops
Bunny hops. Source: Ratalaika Games

Admittedly I’m not a rabbit person (re-read that?!), but Barry The Bunny is a nice looking game, tapping into some of the classic 2D adventure titles along the way with nice ‘n chunky pixels. There are four worlds to explore, and other than the obvious jumping, Barry will need to build bridges along the way.

Key features in Barry The Bunny include:

  • Classic 2D platformer gameplay
  • Visit 4 different unique areas
  • Colorful 8-bit style graphics
  • Vibrant chiptune music
  • Increasingly challenging levels 

Check out this cute ‘lil trailer:

Barry The Bunny will be released on the 13th of August for PS4/5, Xboxeseses and the Nintendo Switch for $/€ 4.99 for all platforms.