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They’re Acting Like Savages! Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster

Inspired by 80s and 90s movies and games, Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster is a Metroidvania coming to PC and consoles.

Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster
Source: Steam

How many times has SelectaPlay appeared in news posts these past few days?! A few. Another appearance then, this time it’s for Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster. A game about barbarians…?

Correct. A Metroidvania by Dormidin Studio, this is an action platformer developed by two friends who met at a cosplay event. Awww! Inspired by 80s and 90s movies and games, the game is influenced by the likes of Beastmaster and Golden Axe, among others.

Handdrawn, Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster unites Men and beasts to thwart the new king of Imperia, who has declared war on all non-humans. What an utter bastard. Here are the goodies included:

  • You are the last of the Beastmasters, use the souls of animals and creatures to transform and progress through the adventure.
  • Explore a continuous Metroidvania-style map, open new paths and unlock new routes with your Beastmaster abilities. Evil and sorcery lurk in all corners.
  • Gather beads for your ritual necklace: discover fangs, amulets, and plant roots that will change your attacks, vitality, or Mana.
  • Enhance your skills and acquire new items by entering duels in different Arenas. battles will use close cameras and energy bars like in classic fighting games..
  • Find new sword techniques that your old Sensei taught you, use magic potions and summon curses. Thanks to your sword, you have the power of a god.
  • Throughout your adventure, you will discover NPCs that will give more depth to the narrative and communicating with them will open new mission arcs (as in an Anime series) and completely different endings.

The announcement trailer:

Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster will be available on PC via Steam, the Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series… soon.

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