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Baldur's Gate 3 Biggest Patch Yet
Source: PR


Baldur’s Gate 3 Gets A New Playable Class And More

Getting its biggest patch yet, Baldur’s Gate 3 gets a new playable character: a shapeshifting druid.

If Larian Studios released Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access simply as the customisation section, I’d have remained in my element. Instead, they released a pretty feature-packed game. Now it’s the biggest one yet: Druids.

This new Baldur’s Gate 3 patch, Nature’s Power, includes the first new playable class; a druid that boasts over 30 spells and abilities, and features new dialogue and voice-overs on par with the characters from the story so far.

As everybody knows(?), druids are shapeshifters and can adapt to different situations; playing as a dire wolf or polar bear. Additionally, players get to explore Baldur’s Gate 3 as a raven, badger, spider and cat. It’s like Visionaries The Game.

There are loads more features to the druid, and if you’re a fan of D&D, Larian continues with their consistency and authenticity to the brand(?).

Baldur's Gate 3 - Shapeshifting
Shapeshifter… Source: PR

Here are the patch notes for Baldur’s Gate 3 Nature’s Power:

  • Optional Loaded Dice: This optional change helps smooth out the extremes of the bell curve. It retains the core elements of RNG, ensuring a player can no longer be unlucky or super lucky with several dice rolls in a row. The system also runs in two parts. Dice rolls in dialogue are different to those in combat, and this change only impacts the d20. Not damage rolls.
  • Speak with dead and polished cinematics: Cinematics in special cases like Speak with Dead have made huge improvements along with the ability to join conversations as an animal. The patch also adds improved animations with the Druids in the Grove as they cast spells and use their abilities. Major improvements have been made both in animation and lighting, which… though not obvious in this paragraph of text, look really neat in the game. Channel your imagination.
  • Multiplayer: Those embarking on their adventure together with friends can now see other players Equipment, Spells, Inventory and Character Sheets. As well as the ability to take and place items to and from. There is no lock function – that will come in a future patch. Your friends could for example steal your items, because there’s no lock function yet, but there’s no rush, because they’re your friends. They wouldn’t do that to you, would they?
  • Quality of life: A series of much-requested features have been implemented. Players can now target friends and enemies with spells and equipment by clicking on their portraits. As an alternative to trying to click on a character in the world, players can now easily select and attack whoever they want from the UI. We also added a flee button for the errr… tacticians among us. And using torches has never been easier thanks to the long-awaited addition of the torch button!
  • Improved Cinematics: Narrative cinematics have been given a new lease of life thanks to a fresh lighting pass, resulting in some truly spectacular sequences in which the story of BG3 is told.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access is available now, and you can read the review by gently tapping these words.

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