Get Ready To Update To The Latest OS In Backfirewall_

Ever wonder what does on in your phone during an update? It's rhetorical. Backfirewall_ release date is imminent.

Tongue firmly in cheek, Naraven Game’s debut commercial title, Backfirewall_, gets a release date later this month on PC and consoles, with a playable demo available now.

Building upon the idea of a self-aware operating system set within a smartphone, you play the Update Assistant when OS10 is about to release to the public. The current AI in the game, OS9, is mindful of being deactivated and will do anything to stay in the game. So to speak.

In Backfirewall_ you get to go inside your phone (I know, right?!), fiddle with the source code via some puzzles, and effectively determine the fate of OS9. Keep it or destroy it? Check out the vid:

Backfirewall_ will be available on PC, PS5/4, and Xboxes from the 30th of January 2023, with the Nintendo Switch version to follow later.