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Back Down the Rabbit Hole With Additional Language Support

The excellent VR title, Down the Rabbit Hole gets an update with language support and additional save files.

Down the Rabbit Hole language support
Source: PR

Down the Rabbit Hole, one of the best PSVR games of 2020, gets some updates with its latest patch.

There’s no definitive title of going down the rabbit hole than the literary classic, Alice in Wonderland. Sure, YouTube is an instigator of going deeper and deeper, click after click, but if you want story, the Lewis Carroll piece is a good starting point. 

But we’re gamers – we’re not learned and have our noses stuck in books – heaven forbid; that’s why manuals were dropped in game cases, right? We want a game version, and one of the best representations of that is Down the Rabbit Hole by Cortopia Studios.

Down The Rabbit Hole
The White Rabbit has all the time in the world. Source: PR

If you haven’t read the review of this excellent title, go have a look now, and when you’re done, come back to this point. I’ll wait.

Having already accumulated glowing testimonials from the gaming community, notably the VR one, Cortopia Studios have collated the most common requests and feedback, and actioned in their latest patch for the game.

First and foremost is the language support. Alice in Wonderland is an international success, and the story resonates with many; this lucid tale of losing oneself. While the puzzles in the game are universal and can be enjoyed by many, at its heart, it’s a story of self-discovery that non-English speaking players can enjoy with a host of languages in-game:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese 
  • Korean 
  • Italian 
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish 
  • French 

For those puzzles that relied on English, the clues are now represented by images instead.

Another update is the option to have multiple savegames.

Down the Rabbit Hole - Court
Taken to court. Source: PR

The aim is to encourage others in the same household to play on the same account, but with their own save file. For those without any friends, an alternative way to look at it is to have several savepoints from your favourite sections, to relive once more.

I was able to unlock all the trophies in this game through sheer tenacity. Though I encouraged the family to experience Down the Rabbit Hole, I was reluctant to give them control until I could find all the invitations first.

Well, now that’s a reality.

VR is a pig to capture screenshots or footage without the right tools and needs to be experienced first-hand. On that note, here are some moving images:

Down the Rabbit Hole is currently available on PSVR (the platform I reviewed it on), ​Oculus Quest​, ​Oculus Rift​, ​Steam VR​ and ​Viveport​. Here’s a quick link to the storefronts.

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